Ardo A631 EB W
combination hob, electric oven, enamel, classic, timer, èlektropodžig, size Wxdxh: 50x60x85 cm, white
General characteristics
The type of cooking Panel combined
Oven type electric
Management type mechanical
Management type Mechanical
Switches Rotary
Display True
Timer False
Timer type sound
To disable the alarm True
Èlektropodžig False
Watch True
Width 50 sm
Depth 60 sm
Height 85 sm
Cooking Panel
Number of gas burners 3
Number of Electric burners 1
Number of burners quickly heating up 1
Automatic heating zone width True
Automatic boiling True
Residual heat indicators True
The working surface enamel
Cutout True
Control Panel lock True
Oven functionality normal
Grill False
Grill type electric
Rotisserie oven False
Convection True
The number of glass panes of oven one
Oven lock True
Oven cleaning traditional
Oven False
Air Corps False
Retractable trolley ovens True
Color plate white
Color plate White
Drawer for utensils False
Additional information Mechanical timer (60 min). Teplootražaûŝee glass oven "Termostop". Drawer for utensils and accessories. Accessories: one enamelled shower tray, one enamelled baking tray, one Grill. Work on mainline and liquefied gas.

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